Energy Industries

We have 20 years of expertise in delivering IT solutions to Utility, Oil & Gas, Pipelines and Mining companies.


ARC are experts in delivering solutions to Utility companies (electric and gas), having worked with all the major players in the Alberta marketplace. ARC has been heavily involved in the electricity deregulation of Alberta since 1998 and has worked in Regulated and De-regulated environments in both Canada and the United States.

With an excellent track record of on-time, on-budget, and high-value projects, ARC’s solutions and contributions in the Sector have resulted in significant savings and cost recovery to its clients.

Implemented Solutions:

  • Self Retailer Agency (Settlement and Tariff Validation)
  • Revenue Assurance Systems
  • Core Deregulation Systems
  • Tariff Billing (calc)
  • Load Reconciliation Engine
  • Meter Data Repository
  • Tariff Validation
  • Meter Data Management
  • Multiple Post-final adjustment mechanism (PFAM) Validation
  • CRM / CIS
  • Billing
  • Load Settlement

Oil & Gas

ARC provides oil and gas organizations with customized or COTS-based business solutions engineered to optimize core business. Often, O&G organizations contend with billion dollar budgets, multi-year timelines, complex legal negotiation/navigation, and operational lifecycles that span decades. These issue present significant challenges – challenges that cost effective, practical and sound technology solutions can mitigate.

ARC’s experience includes data management, business intelligence, and visualization technologies to support efficiencies in exploration and production, along with tools and solutions that support petroleum-specific operations and maximize oilfield ROI.

By leveraging open-standards-based middleware and service-oriented architecture technologies (such as those offered by Oracle), ARC can help maximize the value of existing legacy environments, plus lever BI toward building an insight-driven enterprise for our customers.


ARC is uniquely suited to provide the expertise needed by today’s pipeline operators to improve operational effectiveness, enhance shipper/customer interaction, and tackle the challenges of a growing and dynamic industry. The marketplace abounds in IT consulting companies offering services in these areas. However, of particular importance to the pipeline industry is the application of ARC custom IT services and solutions to suit their unique business challenges.

The central business function known as order to cash includes product nominations, volume allocation to pipelines and terminals, high-level and detailed batch scheduling, invoicing for transportation services, and continual monitoring of product movement and inventory control. Pipeline Integrity Programs process terabytes of in-line inspection data in the search for cracks and corrosion, extending the life of the facilities. Maintenance Management systems enable the tracking of an extensive inventory of equipment. SCADA systems remotely operate pipeline facilities hundreds or thousands of miles away.

As a respected IT solution provider, ARC has been successfully providing services and solutions to oil and gas midstream pipeline organizations since 1999. As a result, ARC possesses an in-depth knowledge of the liquid pipeline business and the core functions described above. ARC has:

  • Developed, implemented and supported numerous production pipeline applications
  • Consulted on projects encompassing over 300,000 hours of work directly in the pipeline vertical
  • Successfully delivered projects ranging from $25,000 to $2,000,000
  • Provided individual specialists or full teams to deliver solutions or support production applications
  • Engaged with clients across Canada and many US locations


ARC recognizes the many challenges facing the mining industry today. As mining companies strive to take complex processes and simplify them there is still a need to achieve process improvements, reduction in costs, and increased flexibility/productivity of workforces. The Mining industry now more than ever needs to ensure spend is allocated to the right work with the largest return possible.

This technical experience coupled with existing business knowledge gives ARC the ability to deliver systems that meet the unique requirements of the Mining industry. Some examples of the solutions we deliver are:

  • Mining Companies
    • Sustainability
  • Safety (Checklist Software, Tracking Software)
  • Environmental (Detection Software)
    • Core Service Offerings
    • Data Analysis via Industrial Internet
    • BI Dashboarding targeted to Operational Groups
    • Exploration Database Services
    • Mining Service Providers
    • Mobile Services
    • Core Service Offerings
  • Mining Investment Groups
    • Core Services
    • Exploration Database Services